Saturday, February 18, 2017

DIY Glitter Jars

Are you looking for a great way to organize your stuff that doesn't look so boring? Well look no further. You can easily turn a simple plastic or glass container into something stunning with lots of GLITTER, With these DIY glitter jars, you will want to organize everything in your home or office. 


  • Mod Podge ( I use the Michaels brand)
  • Glitter (Chunky works best)
  • Glass or Plastic Jar
  • Alcohol or Nail polish remover
  • Foam paintbrush 
  • Acrylic sealing spray

Step 1: Place some newspapers down on your table so that you don't get glitter and glue everywhere and prep your jar (if you are working with glass) by cleaning it with alcohol or nail polish remover using an alcohol pad. I found my glass jars at goodwill here and they were only .59 cents a piece which made this even more fun because it was so cheap!

Step 2: Using the foam brush, coat the inside of the glass jar with your glue. Don't use a thick layer, but just enough so that the glitter will stick.

Step 3: Add a generous amount of glitter into the bottom of the jar, and spin the jar on its side to slowly work the glitter around the inside surface of the jar. Add more glitter as needed. Feel free to allow the glue to sit and add more glitter as needed if it didn't coat well the first time.Depending on how much glue you use, it may take several hours to a day or two to dry. Do not worry if the glue looks white at first and you can't see the glitter. When the glue dries it will dry clear.Be sure to tap any excess glitter out of the jar before you set it to dry. Let the jar dry upside down.

Step 4: Once the jars have completely dried, you can use and an acrylic setting spray to keep the glitter in place. Because I decided to use these jars to only hold markers, I lightly dabbed more decoupage glue on the inside with my foam brush and left it like that. If I was using this for a makeup brush holder, I would definitely use an acrylic spray to keep the glitter off of my brushes. No one wants to get glitter in their eyes.

My camera didn't want to work properly when doing this project, so I decided to upload a video that I found helpful when I was doing this project on my own. You can find it below.

So, what did y'all think. I hope you like this tutorial and enjoy creating your own glitter jars. These were really fun to make.

Be blessed.
Jess - Geeks and Glitter

DIY Makeup Organization Projects: You Need To Try These

Hey Y'all,

Okay, so obviously I have a serious addiction to makeup. For me to be allowed into Sephora or Ulta, I have to have a chaperone, and it's always my hubby. Due to the vast amounts of makeup, and the utter disarray that my bathroom counter is in, I have been researching DIY makeup accessories that I can make in order to organize my makeup a little better and there are tons available.

Below are several DIY makeup organization projects for you to not only organize your makeup, but make your bathroom counter look prettier as well. Enjoy!

If you are someone that travels a lot, but also wants something cute to store your brushes in that is also quick to grab up, then you definitely want to try this makeup brush carrying case at Sew4Home. WARNING: This requires knowing how to sew, which I am slowly crawling at, but if you have no issues with sewing, you can find the tutorial (GREAT INSTRUCTIONS) HERE!

 These are jars which I have created to organize several areas in my life, and my next step is organizing my makeup brushes with some of these. Who wouldn't want a bunch of glitter jars to brighten their day every morning when putting on some makeup! I will update this picture, when I finish my brush holders. You can find my tutorial HERE!

Another FANTASTIC way to store your makeup brushes, I'm actually really upset I didn't come up with this idea because this is AWESOME! Now to find some of the plastic skulls I have lying around in the Halloween decorations. This is extremely simple, and if you are new to DIY, yes, even you can do this simple, yet fabulous project. Check out the Haunted Housewife and take a look at the tutorial HERE!

Okay, so this project is not only useful, but it is also great for the frugal spender. With these reusable makeup removing pads, you no longer need to go to the store and get cotton swabs for your makeup remover. Simple to make and an adorable addition to any bathroom counter. I wonder if these would also work to remove nail polish. Check out the tutorial HERE!

So, if you have limited space in your bathroom, and let's be honest, when it comes to makeup WE ALL have limited space, you can create this little beauty that holds a little bit of everything. The cool thing about this project is that you can use a dish set from your own home, or you can pick up some really eclectic pieces at a local Goodwill and make something even more YOUnique. Take a look at the tutorial and just how simple it is to create HERE!

 This project will really take you to a new level of organization and allows you to put everything in its place. With a few basic supplies, and of course a glue gun, you can easily have all of your makeup organized within a couple of hours. Check Handmade in Heartland and the awesome tutorial HERE!
My eyeshadow and blush pallets take up too much space on my counter, but they are something I use daily, so putting them in a drawer or cabinet will not work. I don't think a magnetic board will hold some of them, but this is a great idea. There is no DIY tutorial for this, but I'm sure there is one out there. This is an etsy listing, but VanityClosetBeauty makes some wonderful ways to store your makeup. I'm going to try and make my own, but she does have several brush holders I'm thinking of purchasing. I don't know her personally, but she has great reviews and here stuff is adorable.Check out Carolina's store HERE!

Hopefully these DIY makeup organization accessories got your gears turning and you are ready to create some of your own. Let me know what you make and what you want to see more of in the comments below. 

Be blessed.
Jess - Geeks and Glitter