Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Awesome Ways to Decorate Outlet Covers

Oh, how I dread Mondays, but today I am choosing to brighten my day a little bit. A couple of days ago I wrote an article on decorating outlet covers in your home. On my journey to get a few ideas, I found a tremendous about of fabulous ideas for turning an ordinary outlet cover into something special. You can find ideas that fit not only any budget, but also any decor, and if you can't find it, I'm sure that you can figure out a way to create it.

1. Use glitter
Shasta at faithfullyfree created not only a beautiful outlet cover, but she also has some of the most wonderful tutorials and I frequently follow her blog. You can check out her post HERE!

2. Use Old Road Maps
Amy over at Modpodgerocks always showcases some of the most beautiful ways to repurpose and reuse things around the home and this outlet cover is no exception. You can find out how to do this HERE!

3. Use Fabric and Markers
Over at Interiors-designed fabric and permanent markers were used to create this one of a kind outlet cover that would brighten up any room. Check it out HERE!

4. Use Nail Polish
Yes, I said it....nail polish. Who would have thought. I have personally tried this, not with outlet covers, but with ceramic mugs and such, but I think I like this much better. When you use nail polish you never have to worry about the same design twice. Check out Gina Michele at HERE to learn more about marbling your outlet covers.

5. Use Decorative Tape and Cute Embellishments
These are super cute, and don't take a lot of time to put together. In fact, these adorable little outlet covers can be made in a couple hours (if you factor in drying time) and ready to hang on the wall. Check out how to make those HERE!

Obviously, there are more than just 5 ways to create a unique and decorative outlet cover, encompassing a plethora of different materials. Eventually, I will be adding these throughout my house and show casing different ways to decorate and add small decor around the home that can have a huge impact.

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