Sunday, August 14, 2016

DIY School Supplies

Ok, so back to school is upon us, and already I'm cringing at the amount I am spending on my kids to get them prepared. If your kids are anything like mine, then chances are that they don't want the plain jane - basic school supplies. Obviously, they want something that represents who they are, something personalized. But lets be honest, when you buy school supplies that are flashy and more unique they tend to be much more expensive.

Don't get discouraged! This can easily be done on a budget and also be tailored to your child's preference instead of just settling for what's available in stores. DIY school supplies can not only be fun, but also a creative outlet for busy children.

I love creating things for my children that are unique, but even more so I love watching them create their own little projects as it allows their true personalities to shine. Here are some fantastic ideas for DIY school supplies that are bound to make for happier children for the new school year.

Listed below are some of my favorite creative ways for DIY school supplies.


1. DIY Confetti Pencils: These are just adorable and are so simple to do. Stephanie over at Make and Tell has done it again with another fabulous project which can easily be accomplished using binder-hole stickers (I'm really not sure what they are really called, but you'll understand when you see it). You can find her easy to follow step-by-step directions HERE!

2. DIY Washi Tape Notebook: YES! Another washi tape project. I never get sick of these. You can easily dress up a drab notebook with this awesome DIY project from Jamie at Ink and Adventure HERE!

3. DIY Pencil Pouch: You can have a blast creating these without spending a fortune and create any design you want. I think this is a FABULOUS project and with permanent markers the possibilities are endless. Check out the tutorial at MomaMiss HERE!

4. Printable Binder Covers: This is a fantastic way to customize a binder on a budget, plus you can color them too. Download these free binder templates at How Does She HERE!

5. DIY Page Corner Book Mark: Your child will never lose his or her place again while reading when using these cute little book marks. Find out how to make them on Tally's Treasury HERE!

While there are many more tutorials on embellishing or DIY school supplies, these are some of my current favorites. Stay tuned for more this week as we will be creating some cute little perler bead projects that will hold headphones and easily attach to a book bag or pencil pouch.

Let me know what y'all think about the projects listed and feel free to share any of your ideas.
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  1. Love them all!! Those printable notebook covers just stole my heart!! thanks