Thursday, August 11, 2016

How To Make Book Ends With Old Toys

This is probably one of the cutest projects I've seen on Pinterest, but then again, I say that about everything I pin, which I'm sure you do as well. I promise you will be dying to create these book ends with old toys around the house. While this isn't a complicated project to put together, it does require some tools that you may have to raid your husbands tool box for in order to complete.

Ok, so, are you ready? Put your seat belts on, as this is going to be a FUN post!

  • A medium to large sized toy
  • Two pieces of wood/ Sandpaper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint: Gold and white
  • Saw
  • Sand

Begin by gathering your necessary materials and setting up a well-ventilated work area. There will be lots of spray painting in this project and you will need a place for your items to dry, preferably on cardboard or newspaper to keep from messing up a nice table.

Step 1: Cut your toy in half using a power saw or a hack saw is fine. I chose a toy elephant, but I've seen these projects done with dinosaurs (which I also picked up to make for inside the house) and dogs, really just about anything you can think of.

Step 2: Sand your wood pieces to smooth out edges if you are using rough-cut wood. I had originally chosen to do my project with rough cut wood, but decided against it at the last minute when I found some rather inexpensive wood plaque pieces (.97) at Wal-Mart this morning.

Step 3: Paint your pieces. I painted my elephant white and I painted my pieces of wood a metallic gold color. (Sorry for not showing a picture of the pieces of wood, I was so excited to get this done, that I forgot to take a picture.) Color choice really is up to you and the decor for the area you will be decorating or using them for. These are going to be for my office at work, so I chose colors that are a little more "sophisticated".

After realizing that my bookends wouldn't hold the weight of my books on my desk (reference and medical manuals), my husband came up with something BRILLIANT that actually worked. If your toy pieces are hollow you can FILL THEM WITH SAND!!! The extra weight will keep them from slipping or falling over. You could also try a quick crete or plaster material, I wasn't wanting anything quite that messy, but I'm sure that would work just as well too. 

Step 5: After your pieces have had plenty of time to dry, you can begin to assemble the bookends and start to see a finished project. I let my pieces dry overnight, as the humidity here in Georgia causes paint-drying time to take FOREVER. Attach the animals with hot glue by gluing the back of the animals with hot glue and pressing the wood pieces to the glue.

I have seen bookends assembled in different ways. Some have just one piece on the back.Others place just a piece on the bottom, and some do both. It really is your choice and what works for you.

This is the finished project. What do you guys think? I can't wait to put these in my office in the morning. I'll update pictures in the morning.

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to comment with any suggestions.

Much Love,
Geeks and Glitter

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