Sunday, August 14, 2016

Marble Nail Polish Coaster

This was such a fun project. I'm pretty sure everyone in the house hand fun with this one. The possibilities for color schemes are endless and that's what makes creating these DIY marble nail polish coasters so much fun.

If you are looking for an easy afternoon craft that is quick and easy clean up (yes, you can get both of those, although not very often), then this will be a craft that you will want to make for everyone.

There are a few tricks to getting these marble nail polish coasters right, as I learned the hard way when doing this the first time. I suggest you read this post before getting started so that you will get the best results the first time around. You can find that link HERE!

Nail Polish
Old Bowl
Tooth pick

NOTE: I recommend using three different colors of nail polish so you can get a good mix of colors, but feel free to use less until you get the hang of it. I used an old lunch bowl for my tile, which were just under 4 inches. It doesn't matter which size tile that you use as long as the tile fits in the bowl while you are holding onto it.

Step 1:
Begin by filling setting all of your supplies out. This includes shaking the nail polish up if it hasn't been used in awhile, taking the tops off and filling the bowl about half way with warm water. 
I also recommend placing your tiles down on the side you will be marbling as this will make them easier to grab. 

 Step 2: 
Pour your nail polish into the water. Be careful to not hold the polish too far away as this will cause the polish to go to the bottom of the bowl which is not marble your tile.

Step 3
Once all of the colors have been added to the water, take a took pick and gently swirl the colors around so that it makes a nice "swirly" effect in the water. 

Step 4:
Now the fun part starts. Gently place your tile into the bowl. You do not need to go all the way under with the tile, just make sure the tile goes about half ways in depth into the water. 

Step 5: 
Remove the tile from the water, let drip dry and shake off the excess above the bowl and set aside to dry. 

NOTE: Others that have done this have stated to pat the tile dry with a paper towel, and I do not do this. Mainly because it messed up some of the effect of the marbling, so I don't do it. Just make sure the to shake off the excess water and you should be fine. 

So yes, it really is that easy to make these. I hope that you have just as my family and I did when we made ours. I know you will not be dissapointed with the results. 

Once again, if you are having trouble getting these to look right, take a look at the mistakes I made when first trying this by taking a look at what not to do. 

Much Love,

Geeks and Glitter

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