Wednesday, September 7, 2016

10 Embroidery Hoop Craft Ideas

I absolutely love to cross stitch, and pretty soon, I hope to tap into embroidery as well. Embroidery hoops are a fantastic asset to have laying around, not just for hanging our prettiest cross stitches, but can also be useful in so many other ways which can add so much character to your home. These DIY projects using embroidery hoops around your home are sure to impress.

 Katie at the Casual Craftlete comes up with some amazing DIY projects which involve fun, patterned fabrics to add flair to any space. Her DIY projects are some of my favorite, and I personally follow her boards on Pinterest. Take a look at these adorable little cork boards made using embroidery hoops. You can visit her site HERE!

There are so many cutesy little projects on DecoArt. Dress up your door this fall with an inviting wreath made from and embroidery hoop. No only is this project really simple to make, but the tutorial photos, and the detailed supply list will leave you confident that you are able to complete this adorable little wreath. Find the tutorial HERE

Sadly, I have to admit, as much as I love lamps of all sizes, I would never have thought of this. A lamp shade made from embroidery hoops is simply, FANTASTIC. I love anything rustic! Lindsey adds drop cloth behind this which matches her decor, but I like this naked, maybe stain the wood embroidery hoops...regardless of what I would do to, the idea is AMAZING and this concept can be applied for many different lamp types. Check her wonderful tutorial out HERE.

Anyone who uses push pins, or even thumb tacks needs one of these for their work space. You can leave this laying on a desk or you can hang it on the wall next to you to free up some desk space. Either way, you will be sure to make one of these pin cushions to dress up your area.

Like I said above, I love lighting, which is why this fabulous project made the list. These orb lights are amazing and can be easily put together in no time at all. April from illistyle has a wonderful tutorial, showing you just how simple these are to make. Check her post out HERE

Stay on task and on time with embroidery hoop clock. Clock parts can be easily bought at any craft store, and the rest you can easily put together with supplies around your craft room. While the buttons are cute, and I wouldn't change a thing with this clock, you could easily customize this clock based on what you already have lying around.

This is the perfect project for a rainy day, which is exactly why it was created. Find out how to make this beautifully chic mobile HERE

Place your most beautiful memories in embroidery hoops as a unique way to display your favorite photos. Sugarbeecrafts has done it again, with another easy to follow, wonderfully simple DIY tutorial. Check out how to make these HERE

What a beautiful way to express your love at a wedding by having guests wave and rattle these as the bride and groom go off to their honey moon. If you plan on having a Bohemian wedding (which is really popular right now, by the way) these would be a perfect addition to your big day. Find out how to make these embroidery hoop tambourines HERE.

If you haven't tried melting pony beads down, I suggest you try it. I haven't make a sun catcher quite like this, but I have made a wind chime doing the same process. It only takes about 20 minutes to melt the bead and there really are some neato projects your can do by melting beads. Jean at the artful parent has a wonderful tutorial to follow HERE

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