Monday, September 12, 2016

7 Simple DIY Crafts Using Plastic Toy Animals

If you are looking for some cute accesory and home decor, then look no further than this article. If you have children that have unwanted or unloved plastic animal toys that they have outgrown, then turn them into something useful again with some of these toy animal DIY projects. I promise that your kids will be dying to get these back once they see what can be done with them. 

NOTE: No animals were harmed while creating these articles. :)

Book ends are a must have when it comes to decor lately, and with the cuteness coming from these, anyone can see why. You can take any plastic toy animal and create simple book ends with some spray paint and wood.

These are so precious, aren't they? I've seen so many magnets made from small plastic animal toys, but I've never seen anyone actually use the backside, which I think is really funny. Anyone can easily make these and add some bootie to your fridge.

Looking for a unique way to hang scarves, purses or backpacks, then look no further because this craft isn't just for a child's room. Find a piece or wood, cut the heads off some animals, slap on some paint and wah lah! Definitely a conversation starter for any room.

Display your favorite photos on your desk at work with the help of these little guys. Coworkers will always notice your best memories when framed with something as eye catching as these critters.

Display your green thumb proudly by taking a larger plastic animal toy and turning it into a succulent planter. Succulents are extremely popular, easy to grow and stinking adorable in the back of turtle plastic animal given new life.

Don't want to magnets to clutter up your fridge? Then turn the smaller plastic animal toys in to decorative thumbs tacks. The ones in the photo above remind me of animal crackers for some reason.

This is probably my favorite use for a giant toy dinosaur. This is a fantastic way to prompt kids to brush their teeth by having such an interesting buddy to keep an eye on them while in the bathroom while holding their toothbrushes.

I'm hoping to make a couple of more toy animal DIYs by the end of the month. I've got my eye on the coat rack myself. Which ones did you like? Be sure to comment below and have fun crafting.

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Photo Credits: A little bit funky, Artisan Des Arts, Pyssellolaget,
 Stars and Streetlights, A Bubbly Life

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