Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DIY Book Clutch Project

I have been dying to make  a DIY book clutch for awhile and I didn't have time to focus on it until everyone in the house got sick with some kind of fall weather change sinus infection thing. Since the kids have been out of school and too tired and sick to move, I had some time to focus on a project for myself, and it turned out FANTASTIC. Usually projects that I'm not familiar with scare me, but this DIY book clutch project has so many possibilities and freedoms, that I was excited about what it was going to look like and what I was going to use it for. I felt a little selfish taking a little time for a, what I would call "Fancy" DIY project, but when you craft with kids all day, sometimes having something that is just yours......is, well, NICE!

Here are the basic items you will need: 
Box cutter
Decoupage glue ( I used generic from hobby lobby in a glazed finish, Sorry I was out of Mod Podge...If you must know this substitute did not disappoint and the finish was fantastic)
Paint brush
Fabric/ Craft Paper

Step 1: Begin by gluing all of the pages in your book together. You don't have to do this by flipping through individual pages and glue each. Simply open the back of the book and apply a generous amount of glue, and with the front of the book open, glue the outside of the pages or the edges of the pages that show when you close the book. Leaving the front open, allow the pages to dry. This seals the pages together and you can move on to cutting them out. 

Step 2: Using a ruler, trace out the size of the hole you want to hold your items for the book clutch. I used a big enough book to where I could come in about 1/2 inch from the border of the book. After you have measured your area, you can begin cutting. 

Cutting out the pages was the most difficult part. You can only cut out 4-5 pages out at a time without making the pages look like doo doo. This can be time consuming, and this step is the reason why I will probably never make one that involves cutting out the pages like this. I have seen some nicer ones where all of the pages were removed and a zipper replaced the pages which I thought looked cleaner too. BE VERY CAREFUL with this part of the DIY because honestly, if you get in a hurry, you could probably cut a nice chunk out of your hand if you aren't paying attention.

I didn't go all the way to the back of the book. I've seen other bloggers and DIY projects that have gone both ways. I knew that I wasn't going to use this as a clutch per se, so I didn't need as much room as one would for a purse. 

Step 3: Apply fabric to the outside and inside of the book where you want to hide what used to be the original cover and inside of the book. Choose any print or design you like. I've seen paint used too, which honestly, would probably go much faster, but of course I don't think about things like that when I'm on a roll. 

I added a strap too. I thought this would add a little more detail and insight to what may be laying inside. I used a clamp to hold the strap in place as it dried and to the other end I added an embellishment to cover the snap I used to hold the book clutch closed.

When everything was completed, the fabric trimmed and the finishing details added, I decided to use this clutch to display my costume jewelry that I use to embellish my projects. It's beautiful and adds the true beauty of the broaches and jewelry it holds. 

What do you guys think? Isn't this one of the most beautiful projects. The possibilities that this book clutch DIY can add to home decor are endless. I hope that you choose to make one of these too. I'm going to be traveling to a conference for work in November, so I think I'm going to make another that I can use as a type or organizer or planner, so stay tuned for that update as November gets closer. 

Thanks for stopping by and be blessed.

Much Love, 
Geeks and Glitter

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