Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DIY Felt Fabric Hanging Phone Charger

This is a cute little project that may make me actually want to charge my phone. Raise your hand if you never keep your phone charged....It tends to make most people that call me really mad, but I really don't care much about talking on the phone or texting, my phone is literally a glorified tablet that I use to surf pinterest and find good deals at my favorite places to shop. THAT'S IT! A few of my girlfriends and my Momma are probably all shaking their head in agreement because I just don't answer my phone. So I decided to make my own cutesy little hanging phone charger out some felt I stitched up.

While this project takes a little time, it really isn't complicated and the hardest part, if you aren't familiar with stitching up your own projects, is completing the blanket stitch around the felt. Don't let the words "hand stitch" scare you. The blanket stitch is really simple and durable.

This is an excellent video teaching you how to do the blanket stitch, and is acutally the one I used to teach my daughter with. Yes, my daughter makes her own little felt characters, and yes, my 8 year old can do this, so I know you can.

I don't really feel the need to post how I completed this project as you may want something different, but I traced my phone on a piece of paper for a pattern and cut out two pieces for the back and front and stitched them together using the stitiching technique in the video above. I didn't flip it inside out for a smooth edge because I like the stitched look, but feels free to turn it so you don't see the stitching.

I added a hippo to the front, because, come on now, who doesn't like a cute hippo with a bow in her hair. The hippo was a stencil from the PLAID Folk Art - Animal Icons. These came with 48 different animals, perfect for the animal lover or kids in your life to dress up their projects.

After cutting out the hippo, to go along with the stitched theme, I did a basic running stitch around the edge of the animal to give it a little definition. The grass I cut out on my own without a stencil and double layered it to give it a 3-D effect and make it look like the hippo was walking in the grass.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this project and decide to make your own. I already have a tablet cover in the works which I am really looking forward to showcasing.

Let me know what you think!

Much love,
Geeks and Glitter

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