Saturday, April 7, 2018

How to Upload an Image to Cricut Design Space

As a part of my series in using design space or Cricut machines for beginners, I decided to follow my tea towel project from start to finish. The first part of this series was how to convert an downloaded PNG JPEG image into an SVG cut file for your Cricut machine. If you don't know how to do this, and would like to know how it work, please take a look at my previous article: How To Create an SVG for Free Using Inkscape. This will walk you through how to convert your image and save it to your computer. 

This article is how to upload an image into cricut design space. Cricut design space is a program that comes with your machine after set up, you can also choose to purchase a cricut access membership that gives you access to 1,000s of cut files you can use for every day projects, trust me when I say these are awesome projects. The Cricut team really does take their best projects and make them available. The access membership is 10 bucks a month, and has awesome projects from home decor to planner accessories. If  you would like to purchase Cricut access you can do that at the Cricut website, HERE This may seem like an article for a newbie, and it is, but the Cricut can be an overwhelming gadget to learn, and sometimes every little bit helps ease the anxiety of learning something new, and believe me I am so happy to have found the bloggers that helped with this transition. If you don't know what a Cricut Machine is, or are looking to buy one, please check out my review of their newest machine The Cricut Maker and see what it can do, or you can purchase the Cricut Maker at the Cricut website, HERE

I love my Cricut machine and all the endless possibilities you can create from it. I use my Cricut machine in some way for almost every project I do, whether it is for stencil making, thank you cards or creating custom can be used for almost anything!

So off with the actual article's purpose. How to upload an image to Cricut Design space.

Begin by logging onto Design Space and selecting “Start New Project”.

Choose the “Upload option”, which will then display “browse”. This will open a new window for you to access the SVG image you have saved and upload it. Make sure you choose the SVG image when uploading into Cricut Design Space, as this will affect the image being imported.

Once you have selected your image and selected “Open” you will be brought to a screen like the one below. You can give your image a different name, as well as place tags on the image so that you can have it come in search results if you were looking for images regarding a particular subject.

Click “Save” and you are done. You have officially uploaded an SVG into Cricut Design Space. Congratulations. Now to the fun part of the Cricut Explore machine. Designing and Cutting out your images.

Can  you believe it! It really is that simple. Congratulations. The next post is where the fun begins and you really get to see your project come to life. Stay tuned to learn how to load your mat into the Cricut machine and actually begin cutting for your project. You aren't going to want to miss it.

Be blessed!

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